PRO-ELEC electric convector heater




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Wall Mountable / Free Standing Electric Convector Heater with Timer & Turbo 

Stay warm with this Pro-Elec Wall Mountable/Free Standing Electric Convector Heater with Timer and Turbo setting. Save energy by controlling the heat output thanks to the electric heater's three settings: 0.75W, 1.25kW and 2kW, which work with a turbo fan. The heater also boasts a practical 24-hour timer, meaning your room is toasty when you need it to be, and you can save yourself the discomfort of waiting for the room to heat up. What's more, this convection heater works well as both a wall mountable and a free standing electric heater. Order this Pro-Elec 2kW convector heater online today!
  • Free standing or wall mountable
  • 3 Heat settings: 750W, 1250W and 2000W
  • Adjustable and automatic thermostat
  • Anti-frost protection
  • Overheat protection
  • Indicator light
  • Cool blow facility
  • Turbo: Fan assisted for a more uniform distribution of the warm air
  • 24-hour timer
  • Dimensions: 570x395x135mm