QTFX-450 Fog Machine with Mini LED Fireball



QTFX-450 Fog Machine with Mini LED Fireball

Item description

QTFX-450 Fog Machine with Mini LED Fireball

A fantastic two-in-one effect combining a fog machine and a mini LED fireball light effect. A wired control is included for fog on demand operation and an adjustable mounting bracket allows the unit to be fixed to lighting stands or trusses. The LED effect generates a multitude of sharp beams which, when mixed with the fog, creates a stunning visual display. Superb for smaller venues.

  • Wired control enables fog on demand
  • Red, green and blue LEDs project and diffuse through the faceted plastic dome
  • Fireball effect, continuous movement when effect is switched on
  • On/Off switch for the LED Fireball effect
  • On/Off switch for smoke effect
  • 2000 Cu Ft (57m³) per minute (approx)
  • We recommend QTX Standard (1l: 160.643UK, 5l: 160.582UK) or High Grade (1l: 160.587UK, 5l:160.588UK) fog fluid for use with this machine


  • Power supply240Vac, 50Hz (IEC)
  • Fuse rating3A
  • Power consumption450W
  • Tank capacity250ml
  • Fog output2000 Cu Ft (57m³) / min (approx)
  • Reheat time4 – 5 minutes
  • ControllerMomentary switch, hard wired
  • LEDs3 x 3W LEDs (red, green and blue)
  • Dimensions245 x 230 x 125mm
  • Weight2.5kg