BeyerDynamic Opus 29 S Supercardioid Dynamic Mic


With state-of-the-art electronics and smooth, clear sound, the Pro Series has earned a reputation for professional quality at an incredibly reasonable price

This rugged, reliable line includes microphones for every budget and application. Also included is a 5m long XLR to jack lead

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BeyerDynamic Opus 29 S supercardioid dynamic handheld microphone with on/off switch and a flat, wide range frequency response for uncoloured sound reproduction. Recommended for use by gigging vocalists, the Opus 29 S features extremely high gain-before-feedback characteristics, and its ability to withstand high sound pressure levels make it suitable for close miking of musical instruments or speaker cabinets. Supplied in a retail box with a zipped carry pouch, mic clip and 5 m M/F XLR lead.