Analoge Multi Meter 15 Ranges


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A professional style analogue test meter. Its compact size makes it ideal for schools and hobbyists. The meter quickly tests AC/DC voltage up to 300 V and DC current up to 250 mA. Tests continuity and resistance and comes with full instructions, color coded test probes and an internal battery.
Colour Black
Dimensions (mm) 30x116x65
Weight (kg) 0.195
Batteries 1 x AA (Supplied)
Resistance 0-10 k/2 M Ohm +/-5% full arc
DC Current Range 0-10/250 mA +/-5%fs
AC Voltage Range 0-10/50/250/300 V (4.5k Ohm/V) +/-5%fs
DC Voltage Range 0-2.5/10/50/250/300 V (10k Ohm/V) +/-5%fs
Battery Test 1.5 V (250 mA)/9 V (10 mA)
Fuse 0.5 A/250 V 5×20 mm fast